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Project Progress - Q4 2020

Making progress toward our vision by...
Working safely every day
Building the facility with integrity
Investing in our people, our community and the environment

Project Progress - Q3 2020

Leading the second wave of U.S. LNG export projects...
to bring clean energy from Texas to power the world

Golden Pass LNG Export Project Overview

With a vision to be the premier LNG exporter in North America, the $10 billion Golden Pass LNG export project will add natural gas liquefaction and export capabilities to the existing terminal in Sabine Pass, Texas. This investment by Qatar Petroleum and ExxonMobil will create hundreds of direct jobs, enhance U.S. energy security and help bring clean energy from Texas to power the world.

Project Progress - Q2 2020

Building a world class LNG export facility takes...
an unwavering commitment to safety
integrity, from the ground up
a focus on people, community and environment

Project Progress - Q1 2020

Building a world class LNG export facility takes...
An unwavering commitment to safety
A diligent workforce
A vision for the future

Golden Pass Products LLC Export Project Final Investment Decision Announcement

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Golden Pass President Sean C. Ryan speaks during the announcement of Qatar Petroleum and ExxonMobil's final investment decision to fund the approximately $10 billion Golden Pass LNG export project.

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